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Cilluffo's Home Portraits

Joe's home portraits are meant to trigger your fondest memories of family and home.  Playful and meaningful alterations to landscaping, color and so on are always fun collaborations. 


The home on the right actually features an arbor from the backyard of the home, which necessitated the creative removal of the neighbors driveway. 

Those who commission Joe to creatively paint portraits of their homes also enjoy a collection of notecard portraits of their home.  They also receive a digital file of Joe's painting for further use in printing note cards, thank you cards, Christmas cards and more. 

What about pricing?  Pricing varies according your media choice, such as pen & ink, acrylic paint, creative photography and mixed-media.  Size and individual client needs  also be factored into pricing.  


Call Joe for more details at 586.215.9050. 

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