Provide Joe with a handful of event photos and he’ll create a poster that captures the highlights of your family or business occasion.  He can also produce a signed and numbered, limited edition of your poster.  It makes a great gift. 

Family reunions, holidays, weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, and anniversaries are Aunt Mildred’s favorite times to pull her little camera from her purse.  She probably has doubles printed and shares them with you whether you want them or not.  Take a second look.  With a hit-and-miss average, Aunt Milly actually got a few awesome shots.  Joe can work with her photos and build a great collage-poster (11x16) that everyone will enjoy.  However, Auntie will probably take twice as many pictures at the next family event.

Price range $125 and up  Additional reproductions  $45 and less for quantity orders